Dr Mehwish Guru spearheads AI at MedStar Hospital Srinagar

SRINAGAR NOV 27: Dr. Mehwish Guru, a 29-year-old native of Sopore Baramulla, co-founded MedStar Hospital in Nowgam Srinagar along with Dr Mir Samiullah, aiming to offer top-notch healthcare in Kashmir. Despite studying and practising in Delhi and Mumbai, she returned to Kashmir last year to establish her 25-bedded hospital with comprehensive facilities.
“Lower and middle-class people can easily afford treatment here. We are also introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology here which is for the first time in any hospital in Kashmir to diagnose early healthcare issues. We are also starting gold card facilities. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has been very supportive and is very keen in introducing AI technology and to providing the best healthcare facilities to people of J&K,” Mehwish, who is also a dentist, implantologist, AI robotic expert, CEO Wishbotinnovation, Consultant and Strategic Healthcare advisor in ASADELTECH TECH, said.
Dr. Mehwish, who is also the Project Manager of HIFU and Vice President of WICCI Mental Health Wellness for J&K, expressed optimism about AI’s role as a booster for the healthcare system in Kashmir.
In an interview with Morning Kashmir, Dr. Mehwish highlighted AI’s successful integration in various hospitals nationwide and announced its implementation in schools and colleges in the valley.
Emphasizing its benefits, she mentioned AI’s support in early diagnoses and treatment, aiding medical practitioners.
“AI won’t replace the role of doctors but this technology will help them in treating patients in a better way,” Dr. Guru, who is also State Representative of Brain Pod Neuphony (BCI) device by Pankhtech, State Representative of Vyomika Space Labs, Vice President of All Over International Human Rights Council besides associated with Oral Cancer Foundation, said.
Dr. Mehwish says that oral issues can have broader health implications, potentially contributing to conditions such as Alzheimer’s, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac and pulmonary problems, impacts on mental health, and even premature birth.
She said there was less awareness about oral problems in Kashmir and people are scared of dental treatment. “Patients commonly experience issues such as gum problems, dental cavities, tooth loss, and difficulties with chewing in the valley,” she said.
Dr. Mehwish advises people to visit a dentist twice a year for a checkup. “People usually see a dentist only when a tooth extraction is necessary, but it’s advisable to seek early visits for timely diagnosis. It’s also recommended that individuals clean their infants’ gums with a sponge to prevent fungal infections,” she added.

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