Indian Army & Expansion International inaugurate computer lab, desktop donation in Boniyar

URI, NOV 28: In a philanthropic partnership, Expansion International Pvt Ltd and the Indian Army are making a significant impact in Boniyar. Expansion International Pvt Ltd has donated 75 desktop computers to local schools near the Line of Control, alongside the distribution of jackets for underprivileged individuals, ensuring their comfort during the upcoming winter.

With the Indian Army’s steadfast support, this effort signifies a transformative gift to the remote areas of Kashmir. The distribution event, organized by Torna Battalion under the aegis of Pir Panjal Brigade, Dagger Division at Boniyar

Additionally, a new Computer Lab has been inaugurated by Cdr, Pir Panjal Brigade at Chinar Nau Jawan Club (Boniyar), benefiting local youth with access to computer-based courses and skill development. These initiatives exemplify unity, determination, and a brighter future for the Boniyar community.

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