GDC Ajas hosts extension lecture on ‘Importance of Ethics in the Current Era’

BANDIPORA, OCTOBER 03: Government Degree College (GDC) Ajas Tuesday hosted an extension lecture on the theme ‘Importance of Ethics in the Current Era’ to enlighten students and faculty members on the critical topic of ethics in the contemporary era.

Regional Director IGNOU Saharsa, Bihar, Dr. Mirza Nahal A Baig, graced the occasion as speaker.

Students and other staff members were also present on the occasion.

Dr. Baig’s lecture on the ‘Importance of Ethics in the Current Era’ was not only enlightening but also thought-provoking. He emphasized that ethics plays a pivotal role in shaping societies and individuals in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Dr. Baig underscored how ethics forms the moral compass for individuals and institutions, guiding them in making ethical decisions and maintaining integrity. He discussed the various ethical dilemmas and challenges faced by individuals and organizations in the modern era, including technology, social media, and business practices.

The speaker stressed the role of education in instilling ethical values, highlighting the need for educational institutions to prioritize ethics education.

Dr. Baig also emphasized the importance of ethical leadership in politics, business, and all walks of life, and how leaders can inspire ethical behaviour in their followers.

Principal GDC Ajas said that the college administration is committed to foster knowledge, critical thinking, and ethical values among its students and faculty members.

NO: PR/DDI/SGR/23/3959/

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