GMC Baramulla performs four Cochlear Implant Surgeries thus bringing Advanced Healthcare to the North

Baramulla 24 Nov : GMC Baramulla’s Department of ENT is thrilled to announce the successful completion of four cochlear implant surgeries on November 22nd and 23rd. Under the skilled surgical expertise of Dr. Zafarullah Beigh as the Surgeon and the mentorship of Dr. Arvind Kumar Kairo, Additional Professor at AIIMS New Delhi, these surgeries marked a significant leap in advanced healthcare at GMC Baramulla.
The pivotal role played by Prof. Ruby Reshi, Principal of GMC Baramulla, cannot be overstated. Her vision and contributions were instrumental in making these advanced surgeries a reality at the institution. Additionally, Dr. Parvez Masoodi, Medical Superintendent of GMC Baramulla, played a crucial role in coordinating and organizing all necessary arrangements for the surgeries, ensuring a seamless process.
Dr. Nazir Ahmad Khan, Head of the Department of ENT, and Dr. Basharat Saleem, Head of the Department of Anesthesia, provided unwavering support, making substantial contributions to the success of these advanced surgeries. Their expertise and dedication were pivotal in creating a conducive environment for the surgical team to excel.
The collaborative effort of the entire team, including the surgical and anesthesia departments, highlights GMC Baramulla’s commitment to advancing healthcare and providing cutting-edge treatments to the community.
Noteworthy is the fact that three of these surgeries were funded under the ADIP scheme of the Government of India, showcasing the commitment to accessible healthcare. Additionally, one patient’s parents self-funded the world’s most advanced cochlear implant.
Despite the challenges posed by anatomical deformities in one patient, all surgeries were executed with precision. Intraoperative audiological and radiological tests confirmed the perfect positioning of implants in all four patients.
The collaborative effort of the surgical team, including Mr. Rafiq Ahmad and Mrs. Tabasum as assistants, Mr Tahir Nursing orderly . Anesthesia department’s contribution from Dr. Fahmeeda, Dr. Tahleel ,Dr. Tahira, Mr Zakir anesthesia technician and Mr Abrara C arm technicians deserves commendation.
Special recognition goes to Mr. Abdul Hamid and Mr. Asgar for their valuable contributions.
Prof. Ruby Reshi, Principal of GMC, extended congratulations to the concerned departments for this significant achievement in advancing healthcare at GMC Baramulla.

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