Swift response prevents massive fire in Dardhare-A Kupwara by Panzgam Army Camp

Kupwara, Nov 24: In the early hours on Friday, Lunahare COB received a distress call, signaling a massive fire outbreak in Dardhare-A.
The source of this destructive force originated from woods stored inside a residential building, igniting an urgent need for intervention.
Responding promptly to the emergency, a Quick Reaction Team, equipped with specialized firefighting gear, rushed to the scene.
However, what truly distinguished this operation was the seamless collaboration that unfolded.
The Indian Army’s firefighting unit worked hand-in-hand with local residents, the police force, and emergency responders, forging a united front against the encroaching flames.
“This joint effort not only bolstered overall firefighting response but also elevated levels of coordination, resulting in a swift and highly effective control of the escalating crisis, officials said.
The commendable synergy displayed during this operation was pivotal in preventing any loss of life.
The successful outcome highlighted not only the capabilities of the Indian Army in crisis management but also underscored the importance of unified efforts to mitigate the impact of unforeseen adversities, officials said.

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