Income Tax Department organizes Tax Awareness Programme at Poonch

POONCH, NOV 23: The Income Tax Department, in collaboration with the District Administration Poonch, organized a Tax Awareness Programme at Dak Bungalow here today.
The event, presided over by District Treasury Officer, Abdul Rashid Dostum), aimed to spread awareness about income tax regulations among the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs).
At the outset, District Treasury Officer, Abdul Rashid Dostum, welcomed the attendees, which included the DDOs and the Income Tax Officer, on behalf of the District Administration Poonch and also to provide a detailed briefing on income tax regulations to the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) in the meeting.
A team of Income Tax officials led by Vijay Choudhary, ITO interacted with the taxpayers, DDOs and other employees of the district. The aim of the programme was to aware DDOs and taxpayers about the different provisions of the Income Tax Act and to highlight the role of the DDOs in tax deductions.
Through PowerPoint presentations and lectures by speakers including Income Tax Officer, Vijay Choudhary, Chief Account Officer, Mohd. Hanief Tantray, Income Tax Inspector Sumit Kumar and Chartered Accountant Ritender Gupta highlighted the important aspects of the Income Tax Act, including filing of timely ITRs, computation of Income Tax, exemptions and inclusion of other incomes, besides salaries in ITR were deliberated upon for the audience and stressed upon for adherence.
The awareness Camp was attended by various district officers, DDOs, dealing assistants, employees and the members of business fraternity.
DDOs were apprised about the importance of TDS, the filing of TDS returns, the importance of the tax regime and their roles and responsibilities under the Act.
Speaking on the occasion, District Treasury Officer, Abdul Rashid Doustom emphasised upon all to take benefit of the sessions to fulfil their financial duties while also highlighting the role of taxes for the socio-economic development of the nation.
During the programme, the matter of bogus refund claims filed by the taxpayers, especially the salaried employees was also deliberated upon. The participants were made aware of the legal consequences of wrong claim of deductions and hence exhorted to be cautious and scrupulous in filing the ITRs to avoid any penalties.
The taxpayers were also made aware of the provision of filing of Updated Returns(ITR-U) that can be filed to rectify any mistakes and avoid future legal consequences
The speakers apprised the DDOs of their duties and responsibilities towards nation building and also urged them to follow the income tax rules and regulations and adopt due diligence while assessing income and deduction details of all the employees under their respective offices.
The event was attended by Treasury Officer Surankote/Mendhar, Principal Degree College Poonch/Mandi, Principal Poonch, BDOs, ZEOs, all DDOs and along with their respective employees.

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