J&K situation stable, security agencies united to eradicate terrorism: DGP

SRINAGAR, NOV 25: Director General of Police (DGP) R R Swain Saturday said that the situation in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is not as alarming as projected, characterizing recent terror attacks as “pin-pricks” orchestrated by Pakistan.
Swain emphasized that these acts of violence aim to perpetuate bloodshed, serving the political and economic interests of the neighbouring nation.
During his first public grievance redressal meeting at the police headquarters in Jammu, DGP Swain conveyed the determination of all security agencies, with active public support, to put an end to these “pin-pricks.” He underscored the commitment of the security forces to defeat terrorism and prevent it from disrupting normal life.
Swain acknowledged the porous and challenging border and the complexities arising from a subverted and convoluted system, presenting a formidable challenge. However, he expressed confidence in the will and resoluteness of the Indian State and its government to address the issue effectively.
In response to concerns about a recent encounter in Rajouri where five Army personnel and two foreign terrorists were killed, Swain urged against over-alarmism. He emphasized that the intent of the adversary remains inimical, but their capability to harm is not as significant as projected. Swain encouraged people, particularly those in Jammu province, to remain mentally alert.
While isolated incidents continue to occur, the DGP clarified that a single terror attack does not imply that terrorists are positioned to take control of the region. He characterized Jammu and Kashmir as a border state with legacy issues and highlighted the enemy’s intent, linked to politics and economy.
Swain shared insights from a recent meeting with the Army and other security agencies, expressing satisfaction that individuals are actively providing information about terrorists. He stressed the importance of public cooperation in this collective fight against terrorism. The enemy can only ‘pin-prick’ us or go for a cut, but we are like an elephant, a lion, and if they think they will pull us down, they are mistaken, asserted Swain, emphasizing the resilience of the security forces.
Addressing the tactics employed by perpetrators of violence, the DGP criticized them for misleading the public and recruiting the children of poor citizens for terrorism while enjoying a lavish lifestyle. He affirmed that security agencies are actively working to put an end to these “pin-pricks” and enemy provocations.
Swain concluded by stating, “We are finding ways, collecting all our energies, and sitting with the public to end terrorism.”
The DGP’s remarks reflect a comprehensive strategy to address security concerns and bolster public confidence in the region.

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