Madhurima Tuli is in for a ’sweet feast’ this Dussehra, shares her plans of making homemade sweets for family

Mumbai, Oct 27 : Madhurima Tuli is one of the most talented and admired actresses in the country. From movies and TV to the world of OTT, she’s truly left her mark as an artiste everywhere and we are certainly very proud of her journey. She’s truly mastered the art of balancing between her personal and professional life and no wonder, during special festivals and holidays, she always manages to find time for herself and her family. After ringing in celebrations for Navratri in the best way possible, the diva is now looking forward to Dussehra. Well, guess what her plans are this year and how is it different from the past? Well, the actress shares and we quote,
“Well, I always try my best to ensure that during special holidays and festive days, I am there with my family. We had a good time together this Navratri. From enjoying Garba to taking part in Aarti and Puja, I have been blessed to do everything. Right now, I am looking forward to Dussehra and this year, I plan to make it a sweet feast for my family and some relatives who are coming home. I am set to make sweets like ladoos & badam halwa myself and I am looking forward to it big time. I am super excited. To all my fans and well-wishers, I wish you all a very Happy Dussehra 2023. May the toxicity inside us be eliminated just like evil from society and may we all become better human beings to make a society a better place to live. Stay blessed.”
Well, quite interesting from Madhurima’s end, ain’t it? We look forward to the sweet feast and here’s hoping her family has a ball of a time enjoying the yummy sweets prepared by the actress. Stay tuned for more updates.

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