Man impersonates doctor in LD Hospital’s Labour Room, sparks security concerns

SRINAGAR, SEP 20: A startling incident unfolded at Srinagar’s renowned government hospital, Lal Ded Hospital, as an impersonator posing as a doctor infiltrated the labour room, raising serious concerns about security protocols and patient safety.

The incident, which occurred over three consecutive days, has prompted an immediate investigation by hospital authorities and the Jammu and Kashmir police.

A senior doctor of Lal Ded Maternity Hospital, expressed his concern over the incident, saying, “We are currently looking into this matter and have asked for an explanation from our security personnel.”

He revealed that the impersonator was discovered conducting rounds and examining patients by the Chief Medical Officer and other officials in the hospital’s labour room.

Upon becoming suspicious of the impersonator, hospital staff interrogated him about his qualifications. He identified himself as a doctor from South Kashmir and claimed to be a cardiologist.

However, further verification failed to confirm his identity, as his name was not on the medical college’s daily roster, and he could not produce any documentation to support his claims. Subsequently, the hospital alerted the police, who detained the individual.

Witnesses among the hospital staff reported that the impersonator examined seriously ill patients and even issued prescriptions during his unauthorized presence in the labour room.

Medical Superintendent Lal Ded, Dr Muzaffar Sherwani confirmed this lapse and stated that the impostor had been arrested by the police.

Officials emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “We have requested an explanation from the security personnel. We have clear instructions that no one, even if they possess a medical qualification, should be granted access to the wards unless they are listed on the daily roster.”

An official from the Rajbagh police station informed that the individual had been arrested. This alarming incident has raised urgent concerns about the security and safety measures in place at Lal Ded Hospital, prompting hospital administrators to take immediate action. The investigation will seek to determine how the impersonator managed to gain unauthorized entry into the premises and how such breaches can be prevented in the future to ensure the safety of all patients and staff.

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