My 8-Year Legacy as BJP Media Incharge in J&K

Mumbai, Oct 19 : My journey as the Media Incharge for BJP J&K, spanning a significant 8 years, has been an incredible one. It’s been a fulfilling experience as I’ve continually endeavored to serve the people of J&K, sharing their stories and addressing their concerns. This commitment to the welfare of our beloved people community is something that’s deeply ingrained in me and remains unwavering, irrespective of shifts in party roles.
I wholeheartedly welcome the party’s decision to bring in fresh perspectives and energy. It’s my distinct pleasure to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Janab Sajid Yousuf Shah, who is now taking on the role of BJP Media Incharge in Kashmir in . I have full confidence that he will carry on the legacy of dedicated service to our people.
Furthermore, Bilal Parray joins me in celebrating this decision and sends his warmest congratulations to Er. Sahil Bashir Bhat, the new BJP Social Media Incharge in Kashmir. We wish him the best as he embarks on this new journey, and we’re committed to supporting the people of Kashmir regardless of how party roles may evolve.

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