NCB-Mumbai bursts major interstate drug trafficking network, seized 31.50 kgs Mephedrone from Mumbai

* 31.50 kgs Mephedrone seized from Nagpada, Mumbai

* Drug sale proceed Rs.69,13,400/- seized

* 3 persons arrested in this connection

Mumbai Jun 27: In a major breakthrough towards curbing the illicit drug trafficking in Mumbai and adjoining areas, NCB-Mumbai seized 31.5 kgs Mephedrone and aremrested 3 persons in this connection.

Credible information was gathered wherein a Mumbai based syndicate was involved in huge quantity drug trafficking. When enquiry was initiated, a Nagpada, Dongri based network operated by Musharaf JK was identified. However due to extensive eleusive maneuver by the target, exact detection was getting difficult. Painstaking effort and round the clock surveillance by NCB-Mumbai led to identification of few other key associates.

On 26.06 2024, intelligence sources confirmed about a bulk consignment delivery of drugs by Musharaf. Urgently team was deployed at identified point of delivery in Nagpada, Dongri area of Mumbai and a discreet surveillance was mounted.

Soon, Musharaf arrived in the area and at appropriate time, he was intercepted which resulted in recovery of 10 kgs Mephedrone. When spot questioning was done, he revealed about a storage place nearby. Immediate follow up led to identification of a room occupied by a lady named Nausheen and the house search led to seizure of another 10.5 kgs Mephedrone and drug sale proceed of Rs.69,13,400/-.

Accordingly, when further tactful interrogation was conducted, information was   received where a carrier named Saif was to deliver a consignment. Prompt follow up action on 27.06.2024 led to identification of Saif and interception at Wadala area of Mumbai led to recovery of 11 kgs Mephedrone.

These contrabands were meant for supply in various parts of MMR region. This syndicate was working in drug trafficking for long period. All three persons are being questioned for further information. It would be pertinent to mention that Nagpada, Dongri area of Mumbai being sensitive in nature, NCB-Mumbai has made successful hit with successive bulk quantity seizures. Further investigation is underway.

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