The Journey of Salute Tiranga (Flag) Campaign will reach the people of Jammu and Kashmir – Sampat Saraswat Bamanwali

Jammu, July 08: Speaking at a press conference in Srinagar, Kashmir, the General Secretary of Salute Tiranga, Sampat Saraswat Bamanwali, announced that the Salute Tiranga campaign will be organized in Jammu and Kashmir between August 1, 2023, and August 15, 2023. We take pride in taking responsibility for this important organization, which is recognized as a symbol of national ideals and unity throughout the country. This Salute Tiranga campaign is a symbol of the unity of the nation, patriotic sentiment, and national pride. It showcases the strength, dedication, and courage of self-reliant India and highlights the importance of our national goals.

The National President of Salute Tiranga, Rajesh Jha, mentioned that this year, we will combine this journey with the unmatched beauty and natural landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir. Our goal is to provide opportunities for development, tourism, and economic progress to the local people of Jammu and Kashmir. Additionally, the main objective is to enhance respect and honor for the flag among every individual.

Muzaffar Hussain Kalal, the Jammu and Kashmir State President of Salute Tiranga, stated that our Salute Tiranga team has made preparations for better facilities, security measures, and excellent event arrangements. We are working in collaboration with local authorities, administrations, and divided organizations to make this journey successful. We will endeavor to reach every individual, every home, and every region of Jammu and Kashmir, spreading the flag and realizing the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sampat Saraswat Bamanwali, the General Secretary of Salute Tiranga, invited everyone through this journey to join and experience the main events, religious sites, and natural beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. We will ensure that your security and convenience are given utmost attention. Before the press conference, a welcome ceremony was organized for the Salute Tiranga team, attended by local activists as well as esteemed figures such as Sachchidanand Pokhriyal, Commando Surendra Singh, Uttam Bhai Patel, retired IAS officer Ujagar Singh, and other prominent citizens.

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