Adah Sharma makes singing debut fans say she’s the perfect person to stay in Sushants house

Mumbai July 09: Adah Sharma has been in the news this year for The Kerala Story and Bastar and her recently released Sunflower Season 2 . She has also just shifted into the house that Sushant lived and passed away in .

Since lockdown Adah has been sharing videos of singing the Shiv Tandav. She recently sang the whole song live at an event and fans were left spellbound.

Adahs new version has fans going gagaa .The comments section has fans raving over Adahs singing and saying she is the perfect person to live in Sushants house because he too was a Shiv Bhakt.

Adah says ,” When I go for events or functions I’m always asked to chant the Shiv Tandav. This version is for my audience, it is for everyone. Different colours of a Shiva Devotee. “

Adah has signed a three film contract with Disney Hotstar and her first film will be Reeta Sanyal which will release end of this year. She plays an Indian version of a badass Disney princess in it. The fantasy film will have a lot of action.

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