Additional power purchases to ease load shedding in Kashmir

SRINAGAR, NOV 27: In a significant move to address the rising demand for power during the harsh winter months in Kashmir, the Administrative Council has given its nod for the acquisition of an additional 500 MW of power. This decision is expected to alleviate the power crisis and bring relief to the residents who often face unscheduled power cuts during the chilly season.
Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) officials have indicated that the power allocation in the valley is set to surpass 1700 MW, a substantial increase that should eliminate the need for unscheduled power cuts.
A senior KPDCL official emphasised that this additional power capacity would enable them to meet the escalating demand and adhere to the curtailment schedules already announced.
Officials acknowledged the persistent challenge of power pilferage, particularly in non-metered areas where the demand is reportedly ten times higher than the agreed load. Stressing the importance of judicious power usage, the official urged the public to cooperate in ensuring a fair distribution of electricity.
H. Rajesh Prasad, the Principal Secretary of the Power Development Department, expressed optimism about the positive impact of the additional 500 MW. He stated, “These additional 500 MW will bring normalcy and relief to the people. We will be able to maintain the power cut schedule. People will get electricity as the load shedding will be maintained.”
The decision to purchase the extra power was made to bridge the gap between the increasing demand and the existing power availability during the winter season. The Administrative Council approved the signing of a fresh Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between J&K Power Corporation Limited (JKPCL) and NTPC for Singrauli-III, a facility run by NTPC.
H. Rajesh Prasad assured that the Power Purchase Agreement would be signed within a day or two, paving the way for the additional power supply to reach the valley. He noted that all necessary formalities had been completed, and the administration was ready to finalize the agreement, bringing much-needed relief to the people of Kashmir during the challenging winter months.

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