Avail Mutual Benefit

While the young are advised to avail the benefits of the experience of the elders, the senior citizens too are duty-bound to utilize their valuable collective wisdom and lifelong experience to serve as a vital element in society to advance the interests of the people at large. We live and we learn, and then we want to pass on that knowledge and experience to youngsters to either spare them from making the same mistakes or encourage them to make the same wonderful choices we made. The senior citizens have a lot of wisdom to offer, and sometimes the distance of an extra generation is just enough space to let youngsters see things differently. As such, there is a need to set up many community and educational programs that offer opportunities for senior citizens to speak about their life experiences and spend time with youngsters. This is a chance to connect with the community and meet new people, and even help improve children’s reading levels. Studies show that cross-generational interactions have a positive impact on both young and old. The accumulated wisdom of older people — our “experts” on living — can serve as a helpful guide for younger people. They bring experiential knowledge of just about every problem a human being can go through. People from their teens to middle age will find that the roadmap for life elders provide can help them take a new look at their own situations and to choose new ways of living that will make them happier.

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