Deputy Commissioner Rajouri meets accident victims at GMC &AH

RAJOURI, NOV 17 : Deputy Commissioner Rajouri Vikas Kundal immediately rushed to GMC&AH to check the patients who had endured a dreadful Sumo accident in Hasplote area of Thanamandi tehsil in Rajouri district today.
These individuals had been transferred to the hospital for specialized care. Deputy Commissioner engaged with injured and assured financial assistance for the victims.
Tragedy struck as six people were left injured, while the lives of two innocent souls were tragically cut short in a road accident that unfolded at Hasplote area. The aftermath of the accident was nothing short of chaos, with a total of six individuals bearing the brunt of the catastrophe, all left grappling with injuries of varying degrees. These brave survivors were rushed to the GMC Associated Hospital in Rajouri, where a dedicated medical team worked tirelessly to assess and address their conditions.
Deputy Commissioner inquired about their health and facilities being provided to them. He directed the medical team to provide the injured with the most comprehensive and effective treatment, minimizing the risk of complications and ensuring a smoother path to recovery.
Deputy Commissioner extended a heartfelt promise to the injured and their families, assuring them that the District Administration would stand by their side, offering unwavering support and all the necessary assistance required during this difficult and trying time.
Among the others, MS DH, Dr Mehmood Bajar; Tehsildar Rajouri, Varinder Sharma; DySP HQr, Mudasir Chowdhary and other officers accompanied the Deputy Commissioner during his visit.

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