Develop sports infrastructure in rural areas

While the government is actively promoting sports in Jammu and Kashmir, it also needs to focus on raising the sports infrastructure in the rural and far-flung areas of the union territory. This will facilitate participation and enhance the skills of sportspersons from the nook and corner of the region. Similarly, the youth must become the agents of change as sports plays a crucial role in protecting the young population from falling prey to the grave evil of drug menace which is assuming frightening proportions here. There is no dearth of talent in J&K; however, the need is to fine-tune their capabilities and make a mark in national and international sports events. Jammu and Kashmir has already produced some ace players in various sports disciplines who are making their mark at the national as well as international levels. This is highly encouraging and rekindles hope about the best of the times in games. Our youngsters are second to none and are blessed with a lot of potential and talent which needs to be properly groomed so that they can compete at the national and international levels. By providing them with opportunities, coaching and avenues, the day is not far when there will be a sports revolution in Jammu and Kashmir.

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