Development process successful only when both Government and public work in unison: Shailendra Kumar

Conducts Public Darbar at Rajouri

RAJOURI, OCT 30: In a commendable effort to directly address public issues, Principal Secretary, Public Works (R&B) Department, Shailendra Kumar, conducted Public Darbar here today.
During the public darbar, the Principal Secretary conveyed commitment to addressing the pressing issues brought forward by the local community. He emphasized that the top priority of the Government is to ensure that basic facilities and services are delivered to the general public in an efficient and timely manner. He reassured the attendees that their voices had been heard, and their concerns would not go unnoticed.
Shailendra Kumar also underscored the significance of collaboration between the government and the public. He recognized that the development process can only be successful when both Government and public work in unison. He encouraged the community to actively participate in the journey towards a better quality of life for everyone. He stated that the role of the Government is to facilitate progress, but true development requires the active engagement and support of the people it serves.
Principal Secretary reiterated his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of the citizens of Rajouri. He affirmed that the government would take concrete actions to address the issues and work towards fulfilling the demands of the community.
During the public darbar, the public raised plethora of critical issues before the Principal Secretary like road macadamization, bolstering health infrastructure, addressing staffing shortages, resolving water scarcity, initiating works on Government Degree Colleges in Doongi, budhal and Darhal, sanctioning of Women’s College for Rajouri, addressing the deteriorating condition of roads, blacktopping road in different areas of Rajouri, constructing new roads in Harichuma and Treru Upper-B, and many more.
Furthermore, the public also raised concerns about the need for additional bunkers, pending bunker payments, forest clearances for development projects, the establishment of a Munsiff court in Darhal, the establishment of a sub-district hospital and trauma center in Thanamandi.
The locals also demanded upgradation of HS Chowdhury Nar to the HSS level, repair hand pumps, construct a mini secretariat building for Rajouri, complete the Badala Mang Bridge project, address the shortage of doctors and teachers in schools, expedite pending payments under MGNREGA, undertake the double lanning of the Kalakote to Siot road, construct chowks, sanction an agriculture college, and complete work on the ANS Canal project.
This Public Darbar in Rajouri stands as a testament to the dedication of the Government to directly engaging with the public, understanding their needs, and taking tangible steps to make a positive impact on the community. The event showcased the power of collective efforts in fostering development and prosperity.
Among others who were present during the event including DDC Chairman, Advocate Naseen Liyaqat; Vice Chairman DDC, Shabir Khan; DDC Rajouri, Vikas Kundal; Chief Engineer PWD(R&B), PC Tanoch; ADDC, Pawan Kumar; DFO Rajouri, Arshdeep Singh; SSP, Amrit Pal Singh; ADC Rajouri, Rajiv Kumar Khajuria; ADC Koteranka, Surinder Mohan Sharma; ADC Nowshera, Kartar Singh; ADC Sunderbani, Vinod Kumar Behnal; CPO, Mohammad Khurshid; PO ICDS, Shoket Mehmood Malik; ACR, Imran Rashid Kataria; ACD, Vijay Kumar; ACP, Sheraz Chowhan; CMO, Dr Rajinder Sharma; DDC members; BDCs; PRIs and other officers attended the event.

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