Govt should insure daily wagers

A number of daily wagers of the power department have lost their lives, and some became prey to permanent injuries due to electric shocks received while performing their duties. Most of them have been unattended till today and their families have been left to the mercy of the situation as there is no insurance policy or any government scheme that can rehabilitate these affected families, who are left with nothing once an earning member of the family loses their life. Keeping in view their pathetic condition, the government should come up with an insurance scheme for these daily wage workers who have lost their lives or got injured while performing duties. The government’s role in providing social security for all citizens is crucial. The insurance scheme would provide them with financial protection and assistance during emergencies, accidents, illness, or unexpected events. They would have access to healthcare services, which they may not afford otherwise. The scheme would also demonstrate the government’s commitment to the well-being and livelihood of its citizens and would contribute to reducing poverty levels and enhancing social welfare, creating a positive social impact. To implement such a scheme, the government could collaborate with insurance agencies, industry experts, and social welfare organizations to design an inclusive and affordable scheme that caters specifically to the needs of daily wage workers. Public awareness campaigns and effective communication channels would also be crucial to reach out to these workers and ensure their enrollment in the insurance scheme.

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