Sustainable farming the way forward

Being an agriculture-based economy and having more than 70 percent of the population dependent on agriculture, special impetus needs to be given to make J&K’s agriculture system sustainable and profitable. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has become the fifth-largest economy in the world overtaking England and it has also sent a strong message that a sustainable and innovative agricultural system is significant for the holistic growth of any region or nation. Sustainable farming is the only way forward to ensure food security and growth. Farmers are ultimate entrepreneurs and efforts are needed to provide them with better infrastructure, easy access to credit, access to modern machinery and benefits of agriculture extension services. While the introduction of progressive land reforms and efforts towards diversification, allied activities and high-density plantation have enabled farmers with small land holdings to earn more, there is a need to initiate an integrated approach to farming wherein the government must promote agro-based employment-generating activities. This could include the revival of traditional crops with market linkage support, GI tagging of local produce, high-density plantation and allied activities – for the prosperity of farmers. Various other strategies need to be adopted for the promotion of allied enterprises such as dairy farming, apiculture, sericulture and food processing in augmenting farmers’ income to reduce losses and open greater opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship. Through such efforts, J&K’s agriculture sector will emerge as a role model not only for the country but the whole world. 

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