Is ‘Adi Suri ki Dulhaniya’ getting a sequel?

Trade buzz says that the second season of iTAP’s superhit series ‘Adi Suri ki Dulhaniya’ may soon be confirmed

Mumbai, Oct 18 : When the coming- of-age love story ‘Adi Suri ki Dulhaniya’ began streaming on iTAP, it captivated viewers with its smart one-liners, insightful observations about young love, S. Manasvi’s masterful direction and the youthful vibrancy of its talented cast. And now, if the trade buzz is anything to go by, the immersive and entertaining series is all set to get a second season.
A source claiming to have knowledge of the unfolding scenario, says, “There is every possibility for the second season to go on the floors considering how much the audiences loved the first one. They loved the chemistry between Ariah Agarwal and Ansh Bagri and the duo are most likely to come back once again to create some more magic. “
Ansh plays Aditya Suri, an easy going youth who finds himself caught between his head and his heart when his father promises to invest in his ad agency only if he marries a girl of his choice. The plot thickens when Aditya falls for the cousin of his chosen bride and what follows is situational comedy at its best.
Adds the source, “There is a dearth of simple and well-written love stories in the OTT space and this series perfectly fills that gap. Fans are hoping that the makers will confirm a second season too.”
iTAP acquired ‘Adi Suri Ki Dulhaniya’ this year and the show premiered on 29th September. Its cast includes Bhaweeka Chaudhry, Rajat Swani, Rohit Agarwal, Priyali Nayani and Aradhana Chugh.

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