J&K Police – A Silent Saviour

As Kashmir today is witnessing a progressive change – from shutdowns of businesses and educational institutions and stone pelting to people celebrating the essence of true democracy by actively participating in it through various means to witnessing a flourishing sports culture – the major part of the credit goes to J&K Police. The department through its untiring efforts created an atmosphere of peace and progress in the union territory by removing the fear from the hearts and minds of the people who now live life to the fullest by participating in the activities that contribute to the nation-building. Democracy used to be confined to electoral politics in Jammu and Kashmir; it now encompasses people’s lives. The youth who were misled by secessionists and the elements inimical to peace are now proving their mettle in various fields – from art and industry to sports – after being provided with the platform by the police department which every other day organises and sponsors such programmes and events across the union territory. Such steps besides keeping the youth at bay from anti-social and other evil activities like drug addiction are aimed at providing them with a platform to showcase and nurture their talent to get recognised and get an opportunity to represent J&K at the national as well as international levels. J&K Police’s war against the drug menace speaks volumes about its pro-people and pro-youth concern; and above all, rescuing innocent people from falling into the pit of destruction they were being pushed to by the enemy forces is one of the greatest contributions the department has made. The regular police-public meetings have strengthened J&K Police’s relationship with the common masses who have complete faith in the force that it will never let any harm come their way. Such efforts by the J&K Police need to be acknowledged by one and all as they have silently brought the devastated garden (of Kashmir) back to life.

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