Kashmir braces for winter months

Authorities, residents busy finalizing arrangements

SRINAGAR, NOV 01: As the cold wave tightens its grip on the Kashmir Valley, the authorities and the residents have begun working tirelessly to finalize their winter preparations.

The annual ritual of readying for the unforgiving winter season has commenced, ensuring that the region’s residents are well-prepared to face the challenges posed by the harsh weather conditions.

The dropping temperatures have already, signalling the imminent arrival of winter.

In response, residents are digging out their winter clothing, thermal blankets, and heaters to withstand the freezing cold.

Local markets are buzzing with activity as shopkeepers stock up on essentials to meet the rising demand for warm clothing, firewood, and heating appliances. “For the last one week, there has been a huge demand for winter clothing,” one of the shopkeepers in Lalchowk said.

The local administration is equally busy making arrangements to ensure the smooth functioning of essential services during the winter months. This includes preparing for snow clearance, maintaining road accessibility, and ensuring an adequate supply of essential commodities.

“The Jammu and Kashmir government is committed to making certain that residents face minimal disruptions during this challenging season,” a top government official said.

He said that one of the significant concerns in Kashmir during winter is the heavy snowfall, which can lead to blocked roads and hamper transportation. “In response, the authorities are focusing on bolstering snow-clearance equipment and personnel to maintain connectivity between towns and villages,” he added.

Local hospitals are also making provisions for the increased demand for medical services, especially cold-related illnesses. Additionally, power supply authorities are working to prevent power outages by enhancing the grid’s capacity to handle increased energy consumption due to heating requirements.

The region’s iconic landscapes, shrouded in pristine snow, attract tourists from across the country and around the world. Therefore, tourism-related businesses and authorities are gearing up to ensure that visitors can experience the winter wonderland of Kashmir safely and comfortably.

While the onset of winter presents its own set of challenges, it also encapsulates the spirit of resilience among the people of Kashmir. They have a long history of adapting to and overcoming the extreme conditions that winter brings to the region.

 “As the Kashmir Valley braces for the winter months, it is a testament to the determination and unity of its residents and authorities. The combined efforts of the people and the administration will undoubtedly help mitigate the hardships of the coming season, ensuring that life goes on smoothly in the face of the daunting cold and snow,” one of the senior citizens in Srinagar said.

It is worth mentioning here that the 40-day-long period of harsh winter known locally as the ‘Chillai Kalan will start on December 21.

The Chillai Kalan period ends on January 31 each year as it brings in a lot of hardships for the people.

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