Nikita Rawal shares her plans for Dussehra 2023, talks about the importance of ejecting the evil of mind this year

Mumbai, Oct 27 : Nikita Rawal is a talented and gorgeous actress who needs no introduction. The actress certainly knows how to win the hearts of everyone effortlessly and we love it. From setting the internet on fire with her swag posts to bringing forward her traditional values during festivals, we love everything that Nikita brings to the table. As Navratri is all set to end this year, the actress is now looking forward to celebrating Dussehra. While Navratri 2023 was quite an amazing experience for the actress, the diva now talks about an important aspect that we all perhaps should follow this Dussehra. As Dussehra approaches, the actress talks about eliminating the evil in our mind to make the world a better place. Regarding the same, the actress shares,
“Well, we all know about Dussehra and its cultural significance. From burning the effigies of Raavan to getting set for Diwali, we all do it and that’s how it should be. However, how many of us actually talk or think about eliminating the evil inside us? While it’s not possible to be perfect as human beings, the least we can do is try to be a better version than last year. We can look forward to being less greedy, less jealous, less envious and less lazy in our lives. My focus is to eliminate the toxicity of my mind and try to become the purest version of myself that’s possible without compromising on any regularities. That’s what I am going to ensure this Dussehra and I would urge my fans to do the same too. Happy Dussehra to one and all.”
Well, quite an interesting way of looking at life Nikita. On the work front, the actress has interesting projects in the pipeline, the announcements of which will happen soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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