Seerat Kapoor: Embracing the Art of Dubbing in Telugu

Mumbai, June 08 : Seerat Kapoor, a rising star in the Indian film industry, has recently achieved a significant milestone by dubbing her own Dialogues for her Telugu movie “Manamey”. This accomplishment holds a particular significance given the rigorous journey she undertook to master the Telugu language.
The makers were particularly insistent on using her own voice for the role. They believed that her voice, which they found unique, along with her expressions, and her own personal touch will add nuances to her performance in the character.”
The decision to let Seerat dub for herself, especially by a production giant like People Media Factory, is a testament to her talent and dedication. The team, as reputed as People Media Production, have so many dubbing artists but they called Seerat to go ahead with dubbing because they had seen her perform on set and through the rushes of the film.
Despite her busy schedule, she dedicated time to separately take tuitions in Mumbai to further master the language. “All through my career, for every movie, I’ve delivered my own Telugu dialogues on set. I’m very grateful to the team for trusting me with this opportunity. Thanks to them, my audiences have connected deeply with my character and me individually as an artist,” she confirms.
This experience has not only showcased Seerat Kapoor’s linguistic skills but also her ability to convey an authentic and emotionally resonant performance in the movie “Manamey”. Her dedication to learning and immersing herself in the Telugu language explains her commitment to her art, making her one of the most hardworking and talented actress’s in the industry.

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