Want to land in the UK smoothly? Go for self – sponsorship visa route

London / Mumbai : Amid immigration concerns and a possible trade deal with India, the British immigration and visa specialists believe that the self – sponsorship will remain as the best route for the immigrants from India for the United Kingdom.
Mr Yash Dubal, Director of London-based A Y & J Solicitors, says potential migrants and investors need not worry. He explained: “Skilled workers in India who wish to relocate to the UK need not worry. There will still be options open to them and the self-sponsorship route also remains as an option for business investors who do not qualify under standard visa routes.”
On his expectation from the UK’s new Prime Minister, Mr Rishi Sunak, Mr Dubal said, “In terms of legal immigration, Rishi Sunak has a choice to make early in his leadership. He must decide whether or not to push ahead with his predecessor’s plans to relax controls, allow more migrants into the UK to work and so stimulate economic growth.”
Mr Dubal added, “Mr Sunak understands the interplay between immigration and growth, particularly given the UK’s ageing population and limited native labour pool. Mr Sunak is the son of hard-working immigrants, so he understands the migrant mind-set and the benefits migration brings to a country. In terms of the trade deal between India and the UK, we can expect to see a desire from both nations to move forward.”
Mr.Yash Dubal :

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