BADALTA J&K: LG admin enhances transparency, accountability in execution of dev projects

JAMMU, OCT 31: Under the leadership of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, the Union Territory administration has taken significant steps to ensure transparency and accountability in the execution of developmental projects in Jammu and Kashmir.
These measures have not only streamlined the financial discipline but also resulted in a remarkable increase in the number of projects completed in the region.
Several initiatives have been implemented to transform the way developmental projects are carried out in Jammu and Kashmir. These measures include the introduction of (BEAMS), e-tendering, mandatory Administrative Approval, and Technical Sanction. These strategies have paved the way for increased efficiency, reduced corruption, and a more structured approach to project execution.
The impact of these measures on the development landscape in the region has been nothing short of phenomenal. Data from the Union Territory administration highlights the transformation that has taken place in recent years. In the financial year 2018-19, the region saw only 9,229 projects executed or completed. Fast forward to 2022-23, and the number has surged to over 92,560, all achieved with nearly the same level of expenditure.
This substantial increase in the number of projects completed reflects not just the UT administration’s commitment to development but also their strategic vision and effective policies in ensuring a more transparent and accountable project execution process. These achievements underscore the region’s transition towards a more efficient and structured approach to development.
Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha has been a driving force behind these initiatives, prioritizing the welfare and development of Jammu and Kashmir’s residents. His administration’s commitment to financial discipline and transparent governance has not only led to a surge in project completion but has also restored faith in the development process among the people.
The positive impact of these initiatives is already visible across Jammu and Kashmir, and it is expected to lead to more robust and sustainable growth in the region in the years to come. The administration’s commitment to financial discipline and good governance is setting a strong precedent for the effective execution of development projects in the Union Territory, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Recently Chief Secretary, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta has chaired a high-level meeting to take stock of the upcoming ‘Vigilance Awareness Week’ to be celebrated nationally from October 31st in the presence of Administrative Secretaries and Deputy Commissioners.
He reiterated that the LG Administration is fully committed to providing a corruption-free governance system to its citizens and would leave no stone unturned in this pursuit. He recalled that during the current dispensation, concerted efforts were made to transfer the power to the hands of common people from official corridors.
The path to a corruption-free Jammu and Kashmir is long and challenging, but it is also the only path to a brighter future for the region. Corruption not only hinders development but erodes public trust and morale. The steps taken by the Union Territory administration, under the leadership of Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha, show that it is possible to change the trajectory of a society by addressing corruption head-on.

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