Div Com assures improved power scenario in Kashmir within a week

SRINAGAR, NOV 22: Residents of the Kashmir Valley can expect a significant improvement in the power scenario within a week, the Divisional Commissioner (Div Com) Kashmir V K Bhiduri said on Wednesday.
The assurance comes as the administration takes swift measures to address the ongoing power shortage, providing relief to the people as winter sets in.
The Div Com, while addressing concerns about the current power situation, expressed optimism and stated that efforts are underway to enhance the power supply across the region.
“It is a fact that the power schedule announced earlier is not being adhered to as the demand has abruptly gone high due to the early onset of winters in Kashmir. We are expecting an improvement in the power scenario as Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and Chief Secretary have constituted a committee over the issue of power purchase, and a decision in this regard is expected soon,” Bidhuri informed reporters.
Expressing empathy for the public, Bidhuri acknowledged the inconvenience caused by unscheduled power cuts, emphasizing that the government is fully cognizant of the challenges faced by the people. Despite the difficulties, he reassured the public that the administration is dedicated to resolving the power crisis, with noticeable improvements anticipated within the upcoming week.
“The administration is focused on improving the electricity scenario, and it is expected to improve within a week only,” Bidhuri affirmed.
Kashmir has been grappling with a severe power crisis, and consumers from various areas have reported experiencing the worst power scenario in the Valley for the first time.
The Divisional Commissioner’s announcement reflects the administration’s proactive approach to address the challenges posed by the increased demand for electricity during the early winter months.
The formation of a committee by top officials underscores the urgency with which the government is addressing the issue of power purchase, indicating a concerted effort to provide relief to the residents of Kashmir in the near future.
Meanwhile, as per the officials in the power department, the authorities are working diligently to resolve existing issues and streamline the distribution network to ensure better electricity supply to the residents.
“The administration is actively working on multiple fronts, including infrastructure enhancement, upgrading power distribution systems, and addressing any technical issues affecting the power supply. The goal is to ensure that residents experience minimal disruptions in power supply during the upcoming winter months,” the officials said.
However, the officials urged the public to use electricity judiciously and adopt energy-saving practices to help manage the power demand more effectively.
The assurance from the Div Com brings a sense of relief to residents who depend on a reliable power supply for heating and other essential needs during the winter season.

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