“In Tribute to Our Foundation: DLSA, Budgam Commemorates Constitution Day in the Court Room of Principal District & Sessions Judge, Budgam”

Budgam, Nov 26: In a stirring tribute to the bedrock of India’s democracy, the District Legal Services Authority, Budgam, under the aegis of J&K Legal Services Authority orchestrated an enlightening program in the Court Room of the Principal District & Sessions Judge, Budgam, in commemoration and honor of Constitution Day celebration. The event witnessed the presence and active participation of Mr. Khalil Ahmad Choudhary, Chairman, DLSA (PDJ), Budgam, as the Chief Guest.

The other distinguished guests, who graced this occasion, include Mr. Aijaz Ahmad Khan, ADJ Budgam; Mr. Noor Mohammad Mir, CJM Budgam; Mr. Sheikh Gowher, Special Mobile Magistrate, Budgam; Mr. Jahangir Ahmad Bakshi, Secretary DLSA, Budgam; and Ms. Farrah Bashir, Munsiff Budgam. The event also saw the enthusiastic involvement mebers of Bar Association Budgam, Administrative and Ministerial Staff of District Judiciary Budgam, Members of LADC System, Panel Lawyers, Staff members, and para Legal Volunteers of DLSA, Budgam.

Honorable PDJ, Mr. Khalil Ahmad Choudhary, delivered an address of utmost significance, shedding light on the unparalleled importance of the Constitution and its guiding principles articulated within the preamble. He in his address stated that our Constitution isn’t just a document; it’s a beacon of hope, a testament to our shared values, a guidebook for a just society. It breathes life into the ideals we hold dear and stands unwavering against the tides of time.

Mr. Khalil Ahmad Choudhary remarked that in the elegant prose of our Preamble lies the soul of our Constitution, painting a portrait of our aspirations, dreams, and collective resolve. We, the people, are summoned by these words, etched in history, guiding our nation toward a brighter future.

At the end of the event a symbolic gesture unfolded as the participants engaged in a joint reading of the Preamble, led by the Honorable PDJ, Mr. Khalil Ahmad Choudhary. This collective recitation stood as a tribute, acknowledging the sanctity and enduring relevance of the Constitution in shaping the nation’s ethos.

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