Indian Army’s Youth Seminar 2023 concludes with discussion over various topics

Baramulla, Oct 17: The Indian Army, in collaboration with Kashmir Central magazine, celebrated a resounding success with the culmination of the Youth Seminar 2023 today at the North Campus of Kashmir University.
This transformative event brought together a diverse group of participants, including academia, intellectuals, professionals, creative thinkers, and students from various schools and colleges.
The seminar fostered an environment of lively discussion surrounding educational reforms, innovation, and cultural celebration.
The Youth Conclave was inaugurated by Dr. Wani, a distinguished intellectual and professor, who delivered the keynote address. Mr. Bashir Assad, a renowned author and senior journalist, set the tone for an engaging and immersive discussion in his inaugural address.
To add color and vibrancy to the event, Ms Shagufta Rehman and a team of talented performing artists provided a captivating glimpse of Kashmir’s rich cultural diversity.
The Youth Conclave featured two sessions, with active participation from young minds, complemented by esteemed speakers.
The first session focused on discussions regarding Innovative Pedagogies and the New Education Policy (NEP).
Engaging dialogues on the latest educational innovations and the impact of the NEP resonated with the attentive audience.
The second session centered on Preserving Our Cultural Heritage/Identity, wherein participants actively explored ways to safeguard and celebrate Kashmir’s rich cultural heritage and identity, including its Sufi traditions.
Distinguished speakers at the Youth Seminar included Mr. Bashir Assad (Senior Journalist, Author, and Editor-in-Chief of Kashmir Central magazine), Ms. Mehjabeen Nabi (Social Activist), Prof. Gul Mohd Wani (Political Scientist and Educationist), Mr. Mushtaq Ali Ahmad Khan (Famous Actor, Art Promoter, and Filmmaker), and Mr. Aijaz Bashir from Amar Singh College Srinagar, who also serves as the Nodal Principal for colleges in Kashmir.
The active and enthusiastic participation of academics, faculty members, and students from various schools and colleges added depth to the discussions, facilitating a wonderful exchange of ideas.
The organizers express their gratitude for the overwhelming response and the positive atmosphere created by the students.
The event successfully inspired and motivated Kashmir’s youth to actively shape their future. Appreciation is extended to all participants from different walks of life, professions, and age groups who graced the occasion.
As a society, we eagerly anticipate more such collaborative initiatives that showcase the vibrant traditions and talents of the region. The organizers also extend their heartfelt appreciation to the Indian Army for providing the occasion and platform for this remarkable event.

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