J&K cricket fans gear up for India-Pakistan clash

Police caution against misinformation

SRINAGAR, OCT 13: Cricket enthusiasts in Jammu & Kashmir Union Territory are gearing up for the mother of all cricketing battles, as India takes on arch-rival Pakistan in a highly anticipated match on Saturday.

Meanwhile, in view of the match, the Jammu & Kashmir Police have urged people to refrain from circulating sensational and unverified videos that might disturb law and order.  The two teams are scheduled to clash in the presence of a massive 130,000-strong crowd at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, recognized as the largest cricket ground on the planet.

In the ODI World Cups, India boasts an impeccable 7-0 record against Pakistan. While the rivalry carries the weight of a fiercely contested sport, players from both sides maintain cordial relations.

The demand for Saturday’s game was nothing short of astounding, with the initial batch of tickets selling out within an hour of their release back in August. This surge in demand prompted the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to release an additional 14,000 tickets earlier this month.

India arrives with high spirits, fresh from winning the Asia Cup and an impressive start to their campaign in the home World Cup.

What lends even more significance to this event is the fact that it marks the first time in seven years that Pakistan has played in India, breaking the ice in their cricketing relations after a prolonged period of strained ties between the two cricket-loving nations.

In the heart of Srinagar and throughout the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory, the expectation is reaching a fever pitch as the much-awaited clash is to start today afternoon.

The local cricket clubs and grounds here in the UT especially in Jammu and Srinagar city are abuzz with activity, with young talents honing their skills and sharing their excitement. “Cricket enthusiasts in the UT are known to follow the Indian team closely. Friendly banter between friends and family members supporting opposing teams is part of the pre-match rituals,” Muzamil Showkat, one of the local cricketers, said.

“Cafes, restaurants, and households are making special preparations for the match. Big-screen televisions are being installed in every possible corner to ensure that no one misses a single moment of the game. From traditional Kashmiri feasts to delectable snacks like pakoras and samosas, everyone is preparing for an extended cricketing session,” the people said.

Khursheed Ahmad, another local cricketer in Srinagar said, “I am a big fan of Virat Kohli. Cricket fans are ready to rally behind their favourite player, immerse themselves in the thrill of the game, and hope for an unforgettable cricketing spectacle.”

Meanwhile, authorities have urged citizens to refrain from sharing unverified and sensational videos during the match that could potentially disrupt law and order.

A police official emphasized the significance of sporting events as a test of dedication, sportsmanship, and the work ethics of the participating teams, events that are cherished by millions worldwide.

The official noted, “Due to the attention such events garner, it has been noticed that some social media handlers have, in the past, without verifying from authorities, shared older sensational videos or images during and after sporting events involving India and its neighbouring countries.”

In light of this, the police official requested citizens not to succumb to sensationalism and advised people to refrain from posting such videos, or images.

To combat the dissemination of fake news that could lead to disturbances in law and order, the official said that the social media cell of the police would be actively monitoring various social media platforms.

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