Oscar winner Kartiki Gonsalves, director of The Elephant Whisperers extends her support for the environment, joins the jury of India’s biggest environmental film festival

Kartiki joins the jury of the 10 day long festival set to take place in December

Mumbai, Oct 24 : Renowned as the premier platform for films that champion environmental issues, ALT EFF has garnered widespread acclaim since its inception in 2020 when the festival launched amidst the pandemic and had two successful virtual runs of the festival with a hybrid format of on ground events across India and online in 2022.
This year will see a significant expansion of the decentralised festival model with on ground screenings planned across all states in India, with over 40 screenings planned over the festival period. The overwhelming success of the decentralised format in 2022 prompted the festival to continue this approach for its fourth edition, strengthening its foothold in the hearts of cinephiles and environmental advocates alike.
A highlight of this year’s festival is the presence of the distinguished Oscar-winning filmmaker, Kartiki Gonsalves. Kartiki, in collaboration with Guneet Monga, received the prestigious award for their outstanding documentary film, The Elephant Whisperers earlier in 2023 marking it as a historic win for India. Her valuable expertise and artistic vision as a filmmaker that made films with the environment and nature at the very heart of the film, makes her the perfect new addition to the festival’s esteemed jury panel. In 2023, ALT EFF will feature a curated selection of 62 compelling films, encompassing Indian and international titles across various genres including documentaries, short films, fictional films all centred around various aspects and themes of environment, conservation and sustainability. This diverse lineup that includes 39 India Premieres promises to captivate and inspire audiences, offering a unique perspective on our planet’s most pressing environmental challenges.
The festival is scheduled to kick off on December 1st, 2023, and will run until December 10th, 2023. This year’s edition is designed to cater to a wider audience, offering both virtual screenings and in-person events in key cities across India.
On joining the festival as the jury, Kartiki expressed, “Watching these movies really brought out why we’re here and emphasised why we’re all in this. These powerful stories showcase the areas of climate change that most of the world doesn’t agree to or believe in. It’s so important looking at the different climate change problems in different parts of the world. Each space is independent with its own issues and yet we’re seeing the same drastic changes across the world.”
The founder of the festival Kunal Khanna added, “We are extremely excited as we take ALT EFF to our audiences across all states of India, in partnership with our on ground screening partners. The climate crisis is here now, and will impact each one of us in myriad of ways; we have therefore decided to decentralise the festival and provide opportunities for audiences across the country to engage, learn, and be inspired to act”

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