PDD to launch night raids yo combat power theft in Kashmir

SRINAGAR, NOV 14: The Power Department in Kashmir is gearing up to launch a comprehensive crackdown on power theft to address the issue of power theft and ensure fair distribution of electricity in the winter months. 

Officials from the department said that stringent measures will be implemented to curb the illegal siphoning of electricity, a problem that has plagued the region and affected the efficiency of the power distribution system.

Over the next few days, the Power Department plans to conduct raids in upscale colonies in the city and other areas of the valley, they said.

Speaking on the matter, a senior official stated, “Power theft in winter months is a serious issue that not only compromises the integrity of the power distribution network but also results in significant revenue losses for the department. To address this concern, we are initiating a robust crackdown on power theft in Kashmir.”

The official outlined that the crackdown will involve thorough inspections, surveillance, and legal actions against individuals or businesses found guilty of stealing electricity.

“We are deploying dedicated teams to identify and penalize those involved in power theft. This initiative aims to create a fair and transparent electricity distribution system for the benefit of law-abiding consumers,” the official added.

Power theft has been a persistent challenge in the region, leading to disruptions in the supply chain and impacting the overall quality of service provided by the PDD.

The PDD has urged the public to report any suspicious activities related to power theft and assured that confidentiality will be maintained.

The department is also collaborating with law enforcement agencies to ensure a coordinated effort in identifying and prosecuting offenders.

The initiative comes at a time when the demand for electricity is on the rise due to various factors, including seasonal changes and increased usage. Addressing power theft is crucial to maintaining a stable and reliable power supply, particularly as the region heads into the winter months when electricity consumption typically peaks.

As the PDD is intensifying its efforts to combat power theft, residents are encouraged to cooperate with the department’s initiatives, promoting a culture of responsible electricity consumption and contributing to the overall welfare of the community.

Meanwhile, a high-ranking official from the Power Department emphasized that individuals resorting to power pilferage will face substantial fines, and FIRs will be filed in cases where power theft is rampant.

According to the official, instances of power theft tend to escalate during the winter months, causing severe overloading of the distribution system and resulting in power cuts.

Amidst growing complaints of severe power cuts in recent weeks, the Power Department emphasized that if residents use electricity judiciously and pay according to their consumption, power cuts can be avoided.

However, residents have voiced concerns about the department’s implementation of massive power cuts in the valley. Complaints are pouring in from metered areas experiencing abrupt power cuts, with some residents expressing disappointment over the failure to provide the promised 24-hour electricity supply after meter installations. Despite ongoing challenges in power supply, the authorities are placing responsibility on residents, blaming them for not using electricity judiciously.  

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